Exceptionality; a concept chased by luxury yacht fabricators across the world. To capture such a quality, one must forget all previously learnt limits and think beyond the proverbial box. British luxury yacht makers Glider has brought remarkability to the frontier in the form of the keenly awaited Sports Limousine 24.



Driven by passion, Glider's master-builders have fostered a reputation for awe-inspiring vessels. Each and every yacht is a bespoke handcrafted masterpiece, complete with unsurpassed luxury, speed and performance, and above all compellingly unique. As a collective, they continually push the realm of what is possible ad strive to evolve preconceived ideas of how a superyacht should look. Within the bounds of the quintessentially English naval yard in Southampton, Glider's designs come to life after meticulous planning and scheming at their London headquarters.

It took nine years of intensive design, development, analysis, and testing - by an elite team of aero and hydro analysts, Formula One and aerospace engineers, and naval architects - to bring the latest Glider specimen to life. A unique design concept inspired by the vehicle that commands the luxury travel scene for decades, the limousine.



With a revolutionary design, the main deck sits 10-feet up atop two parallel twin hulls that glide through the water with grace and commanding control of the seven seats. Its predecessor, the SS18, housed a petite cockpit - with room only for four passengers and a driver - but the SL24 houses an expansive, state-of-the-art cabin, affording fourteen passengers and two crew.

You might argue the influence of the limousine inspiration, given its more playful design, and you would be right to. In fact, the SS18 that inspired the evolution of the Sl24 was based on a far more spirited craft; the catamaran. Former superyacht captain turned Technical Director Rob McCall, designed the SS18 inspired after being invited to pilot a high-speed, jet-propelled passenger catamaran in the Caribbean in 2007. "This catamaran had incredible seakeeping capabilities... [so] I decided to bring the design kicking and screaming into the 21st century." With help from a cooperative of motoring experts and engineers, the SL24 has evolved into something entirely new.

"Gliders redefine the standards in high-performance luxury superyachts. The revolutionary hull-form, propulsion and stability systems set new benchmarks in performance, comfort, and efficiency."


"Uniquely personal

and super refined,

the interior for life

at sea is effortlessly

elegant and

naturally striking."

- Esra Kumbasar.
Accouter Design


The vessel offers a comprehensive design where all of the fundamentals are tucked away - streamlined for maximum speed and efficiency. A mixture of marine-grade Alcoa aluminium and composites, the SL24 is the product of only the finest nautical materials. Beyond the aesthetics, these luxurious lightweight ingredients make the SL24 one of the speediest crafts on the water, reaching a top speed of 50 knots (92.6 kilometres per hour).

McCall explains that conventional naval architects struggled to understand the Glider concept and how it works, "But hydrodynamics experts get it straight away. It cuts through the water like a hot knife through butter."

Powered by four high-speed diesel engines, each contributing to a wave-making total of 2600 horsepower. The incredible stability and power delivers unmatched cruising opportunities for owners; bringing previously out of range destinations within an easy reach. The draft allows ease of access the shallow bays, anchoring close to the shore and even beach landings.


Abiding by their slogan "As unique as a fingerprint", no two Gliders are the same. Entirely bespoke, your creative vision will be made a reality with limitless customisation of both interior and exterior features. Ensuring that life on your Glider yacht is an experience of unrivalled luxury, finely tuned to your individual lifestyle ambitions and aesthetic tastes.

Every element is yours for the altering, facilitating all-important individual design elements. Your preferred materials, finishes and fittings are just the beginning, which set the tone for your lavish scheme. From the custom bathroom suites, chefs kitchen, boutique bedrooms, principal artworks, to-the-minute technology, and mood lighting, as well as the colour choices, tactile fabrics, and textures. How would you define your SL24?

Accouter Design - designers and makers of innovative and inspiring interiors - offers treasurable insight into the art of dressing a yacht such as Gliders. Esra Kumbasar, Associate Designer of Accouter Design, comments "Uniquely personal and super refined, the interior for life at sea is effortlessly elegant and naturally striking. Custom made fit-outs incorporate opulent art, personalised monogram detailing and the refined lightweight linens, stones, ceramics, and tailored furnishings tell a story of expert craftmanship and those who choose to reside there."

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