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Belgravia was born out of the vision of master builder Thomas Cubitt - the man who changed the face of London. Inspired by Italian architecture, Cubitt created grand and imposing terraces of bright white stucco. Unlike any other design of the time Boscobel Place, is unique to the area, offering a set of Mews Houses that were converted from original Belgravia stables the CGI’s elude convention promising unmatched finesse and sophistication.

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True to the area, the Mews House promises to be a reflection of refined glamour. Only the most discerning of materials and tasteful fabrics have been used here, with marble, brass and velvet as staple foundations. The running theme is centred around the idea of bringing the outside in, with an organic colour palette, original design features and ample foliage throughout.

Hidden within the depths of the master suite you find yourself in a secret garden, which houses a retractable glass roof. Large, abstract artwork makes for considered focal points in every room, each with their own unique contribution to the wider theme.



Mews House’s secret garden; an exquisite open-air refuge within the master suite. The space is minimalistic and modish; an understated, herringbone corner lounger, adorned with plump cushions, takes pride whilst a complimentary occasional chair sits in the opposite corner. Parallel oak beams run above, accommodating wisteria that gracefully trails. Two brass box pendants hang among the flora, adding luxury to the space.

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Upon arrival to Mews Streets, you are embraced with the history of the area by a large painted sign announcing “Horse Infirmary & Shoeing Forge”, however a short ride into the cobbled mews and you arrive at a classic, restored brickwork exterior, complete with wrought-iron wrapped balconies accenting the period features of the property. The exterior planting, along with these small, yet dignified facade additions are suggestions of the chic interiors that lie within.

Characteristic, plush textiles compliment the marble and emerald tones throughout the scheme. This considered, tonal palette ensures the Mews House delivers a refined, elegant glamour. The expansive fireplace in the reception area is constructed with fine Italian marble, which sets the tone and authority of the room. Framed by two rock crystal wall sconces that add further discerning details to the space.

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Mews House boasts individuality in its design features and the interior architectural details are second to none. A particularly purposeful feature is the continuation of the same colour palette from walls, skirting and achitraves allowing the furnishings and fixtures to take precedent in the property. Raised and fielded panel doors can be seen with inlaid nickel trims using classic detailing in conjunction contemporary finishes.

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The colour palette reflects the eminent beauty of nature. A rich collection of deep greens, blues, earthy neutrals, and ivory - offset by warm metallics - the scheme is a sophisticated interpretation of the elements of nature; earth, water, air and fire harmoniously coming together. Wood, metals and marble are staple building blocks for this project; three organic materials, combined to produce a familiar setting.

Two large curved sofas have been exquisitely detailed with contrasting fabrics staged as a main feature, housed within the reception room. A curved walnut desk with leather inlay sits firmly in the study adding a masculine touch to the space. The desk is overlooked by an impressive library, housing books, annuals and stunning object d’art.



A range of medium to large abstract paintings are cleverly arranged in each space. The formal areas - such as the study and reception - are graced with paintings enriched with beautiful jewel tones to encompass the theme of refined glamour. Within the master bedroom, a simple and feminine line drawing hangs above the specialist finish credenza.